Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 In Review

Since it's been almost a year since I updated this blog, we have several things to cover. This is the day we left Vancouver, March 31st. A little sad, a little happy...1,000 miles to go.

We came back after we'd rented out our house again. We can move back this coming March. So, we lived with my parents for about a month until Blizzard found a job and we found an apartment.

It was spring in Vancouver, but winter still at home. Gunter & Zoe are fortunate that Uncle Chris teaches at the kids ski school at The Canyons ski resort. They got their first ski lesson in April.

Zoe on the magic carpet. They still talk about this phenomenon.

Overall, Gunter loved skiing, and Zoe wasn't quite sure. We'll give them another try this season.

Spring finally came.

Then we moved into our apartment. Gunter was very excited to help us put together some Ikea shelves.

This is the day we "ran" (walked) the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We do this every year. Blizzard's mom and grandma had breast cancer, and his mom was very involved with our local organization. She passed away in 2007 from breast cancer that spread into her internal organs. It's very special for us that this walk/run will be part of our kids' earliest memories. This was Gunter posing for a photo in front of his favorite letter.

We went to Wheeler Farm a few times. I think Gunter's ready for tractor racing.

Gunter discovered his new love: Transformers. He doesn't even care much about garbage trucks anymore. I never thought less garbage trucks in my life would elicit a feeling of melancholy. I loved the garbage truck years, but he's growing up and moving on.

Gunter & Blizzard got to go on their first Fathers & Sons outing, Gunter's first camp out. In was May, and they woke up to 3" of snow. Gunter loved it. They got to eat pancakes and everything.

We visited the fire station.

Zoe discovered jewelry. She picked these lovely earrings out while on a date with Daddy, then wore them to church. She has a very strong sense of style, and while we never want to laugh at her, some of her outfits are rather hilarious (you'll see a few later on).

We did some hiking, too. Notice Zoe's tiara headband, there's always an opportunity to fancy up any old outfit.

Zoe and Gunter turned 4. We had their birthday party in the backyard. We had a princess / garbage truck theme. A princess party is pretty easy. Garbage trucks? Not so much. We had to supplement party favors with Gunter's 2nd love, Hot Wheels.

I made their birthday cakes. It took me a week and was very stressful. Thanks to my friend Laura for her guidance (and baking) (and planning) (and execution). The kids loved their cakes.

Grandpa Ernie visited in the summer. He's 93. Here's 4 generations.

4th of July. We took the kids up over the valley to watch fireworks. They don't like loud sounds, so we thought it would be a little quiter up a ways. They had their hands over their ears for about an hour before the fireworks even started.

Zoe started ballet. She loves to dance, but even more, she loves the ballet accoutrements--the shoes, the leotards, the hair-in-a-bun.

We went with my family for our annual Newport Beach trip. The kids have learned to love this trip, and it's so much fun. Blizzard found 2 old beach cruisers and fixed them up for us to take (the red one still needs tires in this picture).

Blizzard and my brother took the kids to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

And then we went to Disneyland. We went there when Gunter & Zoe were 4 months old with Blizzard's family. They liked this visit much more.

Zoe was so excited to meet some princesses.

Gunter found a great store, Ridemakerz, in Downtown Disney where you can build your own car. He wants to be a race car driver / skateboarder when he grows up.

Disneyland was so much fun. But, if you plan to go, make sure you've got at least 2 days. 1 day was a lot for 4-year-olds.

Gunter & Zoe started preschool. 4 afternoons a week. It's so great! This was their first day.

A milestone was passed when we sold our stroller. I never thought we'd get to that point, but it's gone!

Gunter played on his first soccer team in the fall. He was very excited, but had much more fun wrestling his teammates on the sidelines.

I believe Zoe has dressed up as a princess every day for at least the last 9 months.

This is one of Zoe's outfits, and she was very proud of it. I don't mind what she wears to school as long as it's weather appropriate.

They dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake and Bumblebee (Transformer) for Halloween. And the pursuit of candy has begun...

We went to Thanksgiving at my parents.

Another Zoe outfit. This was a little too "streetwalker" for my taste, so it didn't go to school. Zoe and her cousin Remlee love to dress-up.

We played in the snow.

Blizzard and I finally joined a gym. Gunter was excited to dress up like Daddy and go to the gym, too.

Zoe and I got tickets to go see The Nutcracker in December. She was very excited because a) she got to go to the ballet, and b) because she got to dress up really fancy. She wore this outfit for about 2 weeks after she got it. She'd put it on and just admire herself in the mirror, which is really cute now, but will it still be in 10 years? Hmm...(stop thinking and just check out these shoes!)

We found out that Gunter & Zoe love a good dance party, particularly Gunter. He loves to sing along with Queen's We Will Rock You and The Jackson 5's ABC. And we've found out he responds the most to 80's metal. He loves it. It was with horror and pride that I saw him light up when Van Halen came on at Paradise Bakery. "Mom, what is this ROCK song?" Now, when we have dance parties, and I don't play a song that rocks enough, he says, "Mom, I want to rock," and then I know it's time to change the song. Our dance parties provide lots of exercise as well as snickering by mom & dad. Zoe likes the dance parties too, but she likes to dance to pretty princess songs (and we've found out Frank Sinatra fits the bill).

For the 1st time since Blizzard and I were kids, we were excited for Christmas again. Before kids, Christmas was very nice. But Christmas is FUN again!

We had a little tree in our little apartment this year. The tree got re-decorated by the kids everyday for about a week after we put it up.

This was Christmas Eve. The next morning we were met with about 4 times the presents. Santa was very good to us.

See you soon! (maybe???)


Lindsay Wells said...

Lindsay wrote: "YAY FINALLY! I need to do the same thing with our blog-hehe. Thanks so much for updating it since you guys left Vancouver. Its great to see what you guys have been up to and see pics of the kiddos. We miss you guys! I can't believe how grown up your twinners are now. "Zoe's" hair is so long and pretty and "Gunter" is still a handsome stud! Loved their b-day cakes(you rock!). They are so lucky they got to go to Disney! Especially that Zoe got to meet all the cool princesses, I bet she loved that! I know Shelby would and she's only 3! She totally is obsessed with that stuff right now even though we've been trying to avoid it but i guess its inevitable-hehe. Anyhoo--glad to see the year in review and that you guys are happy. Keep posting! :)"

Angela said...

What a great "year in review!" Loved all the pictures!